In our Indian culture Vastu plays a very important role specially in our house and our offices. If we are buying any house we need to make sure that our Vastu is in place. Vastu you decide the prosperity of a home and to maintain that here are a few vastu tips to have a happy peaceful and prosperous home:

To keep your home filled with prosperity and happiness and protect it from the Evil eye one must light the hours lamps and incense in their home. The best time to light the hours and insane are evening and early in the morning. This protect the house from any Evil and keep the Vibes of the house alive and happy.

The kitchen of a house should always be built in the southeast corner of the house. You can also consider the North East corner. Still if you are considering the north-east corner make sure that your stove is facing the south east direction.

Another thing to consider while setting up your kitchen is that your kitchen is is free of clutter and does not have any medicines near it. A kitchen is a reflection of a a houses health and happiness. Whereas clutter and medicines indicate illness and sadness.

Another Vastu tip is to avoid Mirrors in your bedroom. Most of the Indian families already have Mirrors in their bedroom so if you are one of them make sure that your mirror is not exactly opposite to the bed. Make sure to cover the mirror before you go to bed. An uncovered mirror at night or overall Mirrors in the bedroom can cause ill health and Family disputes.

Indoor plants are a great idea to spread some positive energy around the home. Make sure your home is fill with small and big plants specially the leafy ones. It will maintain a great energy and mood around the house. Please make sure to avoid plants like cactus or rubber plant. Do not keep any plant that produces milk as they reflect instability and harm the harmony of the house.

To maintain the flow of positive energy and avoiding any negative energy to enter your house make sure to use wind Chimes. Wind Chimes are a great decoration pieces as well as maintains the the positive energy flow in the entire house. You can hang these chains at your door balcony or any window.

According to Vastu Swastik is a representation of wealth and prosperity. You can draw this quli symbol along with Om at the entrance of your house.

Sprinkle some holy water or Ganga jal around the dark corners of a house. Any place where the light cannot reach can accommodate negative energies. Make sure that no corner in your house is deprived of light. In case there are a few corners why the light does not reach properly every alternate days while lighting a Diya in the evening Sprinkle some Gangaajal.

Start using wooden furnitures. Wooden wooden furniture give harmony to the house. Make sure to choose wooden furnitures rather than modern decor or furnitures made out of iron.

 Last but not the least Vastu tip for happy and prosperous house is to make sure the house is painted in bright colours. Make sure that your bedroom is not coloured in dark Shades specially for the newly wed.

With these 10 vastu tips you are all set to to make your house happy healthy and prosperous!