Everybody needs a property for themselves and for their family. Be it for living or investment, buying an apartment for the first time is always a hectic tasks. One needs to be sure what kind of properties they want and what kind of property they are buying. Most of the people while buying their first property end up making some mistakes. So to avoid these mistakes here are a few things to check before buying an apartment:

Property Price: one of the very important things while purchasing flat or an apartment is to set a budget. It makes it extremely easier to sort and align all the properties that are fit for your budget and the amount you are willing to spend. You can easily compare the price and the functionalities and the features offered by an apartment with other and select the best out of it. It also helps you keep in check that whether the Builder has offered you a genuine quotation or not. To make a list of all the properties you can go to any online listing portal and set the filters to get your result. Checking the right quotation is one of the very important thing while buying an apartment.

Flat’s Carpet Area: a property has has a super built up area which includes the thickness of the walls, stairs, and other aminities in the property. But a carpet area is the actual area within which the flat is built. Usually the difference between the super built up area and the carpet area is between 30% or less. You need to calculate the price of the property according to the the carpet area of the flat or the apartment. It will give you an idea how the flat fits into your budget or not.

Land Record: the land on which the apartment is built should also be considered before buying an apartment. You should check whether the land is quality or not full stop also check the topography of the land on which the entire property is built. You need to make sure that the land is is constructed on a due free plot and is registered. You must verify the title deed check the details ownership and obligations in the property as well.

Apartment Possession: one of the most common problems faced by the property owners is that their position is delayed from the time promised. You need to make sure and stress on the point that your position time line is maintained and the property gets clear in the estimated timeline. Usually a developer is allowed a 6 months of grace but make sure that their explanation is genuine.

Apart from all the mentioned things above you need to make sure that the the financing bank is correct, the Builder buyer agreement is in place, location of the flat is good, and there are no hidden charges.